The Dart & Feather is more than just a restaurant, bar or lounge. It is all three combined, creating the Central Coast’s greatest one stop location!

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The Dart & Feather


We believe that great food intertwined with impeccable service and a smile, blended into a stunningly picturesque scenery can create one simple environment of love, laughs and the best of memories!

This is The Dart & Feather.


Winner of the “Best Coffee in Sydney” via the Urban List People’s Choice Award 2017, we’ve chosen to stay loyal to the brand “Fat Poppy” that so many people have come to love at our sister restaurant, Fahrenheit Café.
The Fat Poppy belief system is as follows, something that always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside:
“At Fat Poppy, we believe that when we care for the world, the world will care back. That is why we nurture the growers and communities we partner with. Our ethical decisions create futures and inspire thinkers and dreamers”

So come on down and join us, cause who knows… it just may be the first time you enjoy a cup of coffee that truly cares!


We’d simply love to help you celebrate your next special event and have created a variety of menus to suit every occasion!
Our skilled team can further assist with any changes or additions you’d like to make.
Simply contact us at: or by calling 43691300

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Valentines Day

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With multiple years of working, dining and delivering greatness in our industries, the four partners set out on a mission to deliver what each of us believed to be totally achievable, yet rarely seen. With more passion than arguments, more desire than stubbornness, eventually each voice was heard and a restaurant was born. It is our delight to share the vision of our four unique minds and four versatile worlds, as we tie it all together into one incredible dining experience, right here in the heart of Davistown!

For those of you we have known for years and so many we are yet to meet, it excites us to no end to welcome each and every one of you into what was once just a dream, yet now our reality! Take a step away from the norm and let us pamper you with kindness, serve you til your bellies says “No more”, impress you like you thought you were dating us and treat you the way you wish you were treated at home!

Welcome, we say once again, to The Dart & Feather: Restaurant, Bar & Lounge!

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1 Restella Avenue Davistown 2251 Map
Just 4 minutes by car from Avoca Drive

Phone: 02 43 691300

Opening Hours


9am - 3pm
5:30pm - 10:00pm


9am - 11:30pm

Opening Hours


7:30am - 11:30pm


7:30am - 6:30pm
Live Music from 3:00pm - 6:00pm